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Apartments Grguric - Rab Croatia
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Island of Rab

About Rab
Rab is located in the harbour of Kvarner. It is the most southern Kvarner island and its vegetation is essentially Mediterranean. The vegetation is abundant and due to the Mediterranean climate other than the nativ black oaks, Rab is covered by evergreen forests.

Palit is partly located in the cove of St. Euphramis closing the peninsula Frkanj. The forest covered Frkanj attracts tourists with its somewhat wild nature and coves. Frkanj extends to Kalifont, the peninsula on which the protected forests of black oak, Dundo can be found. On the western side of the island, there are a series of coves whose coastline is traced by dark pines.

Geographical position:
Longitude: 4445' N
Latitude: 1446' E
Area: 90.8 km2
Number of inhabitants: 10.000
Climate: Mediterranean
Number of sun-hours per year: 2,600
Average summer air temperature: 26

Island of Rab

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